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The Social Psychology of Relationships

Is there anything in the world more important than our relationships? They
can send us up into the heights of joy or down into the depths of despair –
and we all have them! Our family relationships are invariably top of our
importance list in surveys, ahead of work, etc., but we often find it hard to
live up to that claim. What factors affect the way we control our
relationships? And is it an automatic process or can we change and develop
it? And are we even aware of these dynamics? Family life, employment,
sport, crime, politics and many other spheres of life are profoundly influenced
by how we relate to others, and to what extent do personality and early life
experiences bring about our success or otherwise at relating? The study of
these things has been quite a challenge for social scientists, but in recent
decades research methods have been developed that have revealed a lot of the
key variables concerned and have clarified some of the forces at work. As the
favourite old examination question has it: Is all psychology social psychology?!

Event details

The talk takes place from 7pm-8pm on 9th November in the first-floor function room at the historic Raikes Hall pub, Liverpool Road, Blackpool FY1 4HE (map below). The function room is kindly made available to us by the pub and Trust Inns. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available at the bar on the ground floor.