Crime and Punishment (and Rehabilitation)

Crime and Punishment (and Rehabilitation)

Paul Walmsley was at one point “Britain’s ‘most wanted criminal’” for serious organised crime police – a consequence of his part in a Liverpool drug-smuggling ring. After spending six years evading arrest by fleeing to the Spanish Costas, he returned to the UK and handed himself in to face prosecution, subsequently serving time at HMP […]

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Augustus: A Prototype for Tyranny?

A ruthlessly ambitious individual uses every tool available to him to legally dismantle the political system he is supposed to serve. He uses a vast web of propaganda to convince the people that his safeguarding of the state is in their interests and he will provide them with food, safe jobs and glory. He controls […]

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Telling Stories with Local Data

As a buzzword, ‘data’ is in the ascendant, with its proponents evangelising the prospect of it enabling a revolutionary and rewarding future for society. We’re increasingly familiar with how distant entities like governments, social networks and tech companies create and use data about us; it’s easy to feel detached and disenfranchised from these activities – […]

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Sex Work in the Community: A Study of Blackpool’s Brothels

Sex work, in all its forms, is generally considered to be a problematic feature of urban areas. Such perceptions include associations with dirt and disorder, questions about sexual morality and the reputation of the surrounding areas, and fears concerning trafficking and other crime. However, robust and inclusive consultations with residential communities about the real (as […]

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Clicktivism vs ‘the Facebook Youth’

Was Facebook really the main driver of protests in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world? Both journalistic and academic sources disagree, with accounts that see new information technologies as critical to Mubarak’s downfall being pitted against those which dismiss them as having little if any positive role. Based on 18 months of fieldwork in […]